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Two professional translators, and five native speakers promised over the period of more than a year what Marisa has flawlessly delivered to me! I came into possession of many online 19th Century Prussian documents, invaluable in my family genealogy work. Marisa was quickly able to understand what was of importance to me from these documents and to manage the associated difficulties inherent in this work: the poor quality of the documents, the handwriting, and the German text. We worked together as a team on my family tree, expanding it limb by limb. She was soon able to contribute her own valuable insight into my family connections. She has become like an adopted cousin in the family. And, at the end of each translation she returned to me were her words: 'Do you have any further questions? Can I help you in any way?' I promise, Marisa can help you!           
                                                                                    -Sandra M.

"Dear Marisa,

I would like to thank you for the feedback and the tips. I can see that you've put a lot of care in understanding the topic of my thesis and reading it. Even the smallest mistakes/typo's you managed to notice. You really helped me with getting my paper to a higher level and made it easier to read for my audience."

"Thank you so much Marisa! I received your corrections and I am positively surprised about the detailed work and effort! I am sure that your support is going to improve my thesis by miles! Again, a big thank you to you :-) Greetings from Germany"

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